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Water & Air

PictureTypeProductsLinerCoverR (Ohm)Temp max.Pressure BarVacuum
ERIKS - rx abrassaAbrassaWater suction and delivery in irrigation and general industrial applications.EPDMEPDM
-35°C / 85°C1090%
ERIKS - rx abrassa HDAbrassa-HDHeavy duty water suction and delivery in irrigation and general industrial applications.SBRSBR
-30°C / 80°C1090%
ERIKS - rx airservis 15Airservis-15Suitable for the delivery of lubricant-laden compressed air and water for the use in industry and business.SBRSBR
-30°C / 70°C15
ERIKS - rx multifixxMultifixxA highly flexible, non-ageing, weather and abrasion resistant multi-purpose hose. Suitable for delivering air and water, as well as many chemical products in industry and agriculture.EPDMEPDM
-40°C / 95°C20
ERIKS - rx multiservisMultiservisIndustrial oils, unleaded fuels, diesel oils and fuel oils. Applications in industry, garages, filling stations and automobile repair shops.NBR blackCR/SBR< 10 6-40°C / +95°C25
ERIKS - rx ostraOstraRadiator hose for discharge in irrigation, dewatering and general industrial applications.Good resistance to agricultural chemicals.EPDMEPDM
-40°C à 100°C5
ERIKS - rx fiberflexFiberflexFurnace door coolant hose, resistant to splashes of hot molten metals, glass and open flame.EPDM whiteHeat Resistant white EPDMNon-Conductive-35°C à 120°C20
ERIKS - rx isofixxIsolfixxDelivery hose for non drinking water or dry air especially designed where a isolating hose is required.EPDMEPDMIsolating-35°C / 100°C25-15
ERIKS - rx gamma extraGamma-ExtraLay flat fire fighting hoseSBR noirSynthetic yarn
-20°C à 70°C15
ERIKS - rx chrystalChrystalLay flat hose for industrial water transportSBR noir

-20°C à 70°C15
ERIKS - rx breafixxBreafixxExtreme flexible breathing hoseNBREPDM< 10 6-30°C / 80°C10
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