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Chemical resistance lists

This resistance list serves as a guide for the choice of industrial hoses and couplings. Unless mentioned otherwise the information is based on a temperature of 20°C and concentrated or saturated solutions. It is obtained by submersion tests without mechanical stress. The information in this list is derived from various sources and is only intended as a guide.
When in doubt it must be established that our products are suitable for the specific application. ERIKS accepts no liability for the recommendations.
List of the hoses in this manual with their respective inner wall materials.

Statement of the used figures and characters:

  1. excellent resistance The material is not or barely affected by the medium.
  2. good resistance
    The material gives a satisfactory result in use. In the longer term, however, low or moderate deterioration may occur.
  3. limited resistance
    Moderate to strong deterioration of the material with continuous use. With temporary use it is recommended to test the material with the medium in accordance with the operating conditions.

X no resistance
The material is unsuitable for use with this medium.

- unknown
No or insufficient information available. Here it is advised to test the resistance in the operating conditions you use.


for extreme applications for which you find no solution in the following resistance list we refer you to our manual on PTFE and metal hoses.

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