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PED (Pressure Equipment Directive)

What is the goal of PED?

  • European law, applied to all member states
  • Applied per 29/05/2002.
  • Free business in Europa:
    • Harmonisation of the existing laws did not seem possible, therefore a new European guideline was introduced.
  • Safety:
    • The risk caused by pressure was regulated by different national regulations. The PED wants to guarantee at least the same safety level compared to the national regulations.

What is included in the guideline?

  • All new pressure equipment (pressure barrels, piping, safety accessories, and pressure accessories) with a maximum allowed pressure of more then 0,5 bars.
  • Some equipments are excluded:
    • Transport pipes
    • Networks for water
    • Parts for motor vehicles 
    • Nuclear applications

Classification pressure equipment (article 9)

  • Are dependent on the medium
    • Dangerous products (group 1) vs. non-dangerous products (group 2)
    • gasses vs. fluids
  • Are dependent on the volume
    • In litres for barrels and in DN for pressure accessories and pipes
  • Dangerous products (group 1) are products, described as:
    • Explosive, very light flammable, light flammable
    • Flammable
    • Very poisonous, poisonous
    • Oxidizing
  • Products from group 2 are all products which can not defined as described in group 1
  • Are dependent on the pressure
    • The highest allowed pressure

PED classification

ERIKS - fluids group1 ERIKS - fluids group2 

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