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High Purity - cleaning procedures

Cleaning definitions

  • Clean: Free from dirt, stain, or impurities and generally unsoiled
  • Sanitised: Free from elements that endanger health, reduction of micro-organisms
  • Desinfect: Refers to inanimate objects and the destruction of all vegetative cells (not spores)
  • Sterilize: Refers to the statistical destruction and removal of all living organisms

Manual cleaning procedures

  • These procedures could be done by clean-up personnel, using:
  • Buckets, brushes and hoses or
  • HPLV-Systems (High Pressure Low Volume) via spray wands or by foaming (cleaning primarily by chemical reaction)

Mechanical cleaning procedures

Systems uses an agitated tank to clean components (equipment parts and short section of piping) disassembled and placed in the tank.

CIP (Clean-in-Place)

This cleaning process is usually accomplished via chemical action based on spray or pressure recirculation of the flush, wash, and rinse solutions under controlled conditions of time, temperature and chemical concentration. It involves the washing of processing and storage tanks, the piping systems and integrated equipment.

SIP (Sterilization-in-place)

The objective is to sterilize all sterile product contact equipment at its point od use to eliminate or reduce the need for aseptic additions or connections.

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