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ERIKS RX® chemical hoses

ERIKS RX® chemical hoses are manufactured at state-of-the-art installations. The use of the highest quality raw materials and permanent controls throughout the whole production process guarantee a high quality product.

For the transport of aggressive, toxic or flammable substances, safety is a primary requirement. High standards for safe use must also be set for filling and discharge hoses. ERIKS RX® chemical hoses are a household word for reliability, safety and durability. This is ensured by over 50 years of experience in the development, construction and production.

Characteristic of the RX® chemical hoses are the various coloured stripes that are clearly visible over the whole length, and in addition, a sleeve print is applied. Due to the identifying stripe and the text, the various types of hose can be easily distinguished and their identification is increased. This prevents mistakes when filling or discharging products. The text is easy to read, even after several years, to assist when making new orders. The use of the hose is also indicated visually by a symbol. This simplifies identification and prevents incorrect use.

Through this, a number of manufacturers formed the basis for the EN 12115 chemical standard. All RX® chemical hoses comply with this strict standard. ERIKS keeps these quality products in stock for you in large, modern warehouses. From here, direct delivery and service is guaranteed. The RX® chemical hoses are just one example from the ERIKS range.

Construction features

RX® chemical hoses are manufactured on a spindle and have a seamless extruded internal wall. This is smooth, even and homogeneous. This ensures optimal flow characteristics and cleaning is never a problem. The layers of which the hoses are made are constructed in such a way that they guarantee a high degree of flexibility, but also rigidity and pressure resistance. The outside wall is durable, age resist-ant and has a high level of resistance to the media found in various areas of application. RX® chemical hoses can be used in extreme conditions.

Hose connections and assembly

Aggressive and environmentally hazardous media demand careful assembly of the hose connections. The internal diameters of RX® chemical hoses are suitable for the common commercially available connections. ERIKS supplies a complete range of hose connections. In any model, size and type of material. You can find details of these products in our hose connections book. A complete range of hose clamps, bushes and compression sleeves are included in our catalogue. This enables us to assemble your hose with connections in the way you require. A modern workshop with pressure equipment is available for carrying out this work expertly.

Once the hose is assembled it can be tested if required. This pressure testing is performed in accordance with the procedure described in EN 12115. You will receive a test report from us with all the relevant data including a unique number that is also marked on the hose assembly. If, for example, you want the hose supplied under the supervision of Lloyds or AIB-Vincotte this is possible.


The life of a hose is heavily dependent on the chemical properties and the temperature of the medium that flows through it. Above all, the flow speed and the duration of exposure play a role. For special applications or extreme cleaning methods it is necessary to know the specific working conditions in order to be able to determine what type of hose must be used. Our technical advisers are glad to help you make the correct choice.


In the technical description of the types of hose the global chemical resistance has intentionally been included. On request, we can send a chemical resistance list of the RX® chemical package.

Chemical standard according to EN 12115

In 1989 a new operating standard for rubber and thermoplastic hoses was drafted by a number of users in cooperation with a few manufacturers. The goal was to draw up a truly usable standard for the first time and to give these hoses an easily identifiable and standardised marking. This standard specifies, among other things, the quality of the internal rubber, but also the working pressure and the radius of curvature. This standard can be obtained from the standards institute.

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