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RX® Water and Air hoses

Goldschlange (112kB)
ERIKS - Goldschlange
  • Universal industrial hose
  • Robust and reliable
  • Unsurpassed as water hose for industry, trade and agriculture.
  • Suitable for all working conditions imaginable
  • Not affected by crushing and kinks, pressure and shock loads, sharp bends or edges

  • ADI
  • 5 year warranty
Trix-Rotstrahl (54kB)
ERIKS - Trix-rotstrahl
  • Universal, robust industrial hose for cold and warm water.
  • Also used often as deck washing hose in places where a slip-free outside wall is required.
  • Also resistant to diluted acids and alkalis.
-40 to +120

Thermidor (56kB)
ERIKS - Thermidor Universal industrial hose for cold and warm water.
-20 to +100 continuous
briefly up to +120

RX® Majestic (78kB)
ERIKS - rx majestic Pressure hose for fire reels
-30 to +60

RX® Standard (58kB)
ERIKS - rx standard Industrial hose for cold water
-30 to +60

RX® Abrassa (69kB)
ERIKS - rx abrassa
  • Vacuum and pressure hose (SD) suitable for: water, seawater, waste water, mud, slurry, …
  • Also for watery solutions with slightly corrosive components
-35 to +85

RX® Abrassa HD (69kB)
ERIKS - rx abrassa HD Vacuum and pressure hose suitable for watery solutions with corrosive components such as mud, slurry, waste water, etc. ...-30 to +80

RX® Airservis 15 (77kB)
ERIKS - rx airservis 15 Light industrial hose for compressed air-30 to +70 continuous

RX® Multifixx (59kB)
ERIKS - rx multifixx
  • Light, flexible, multi-purpose hose for air and water up to +95°
  • This hose also keeps its flexibility at lower temperatures
  • Very suitable for compressed air tools
-40 to +95 continuous
briefly up to 110

RX®-Multiservis (49kB)
ERIKS - rx multiservis Very strong hose for compressed air, oil, (lead-free) petrol, diesel, hydraulic fluid, aqueous solutions, etc.
-40 to +95 continuous
Electrically conductive
RX® Ostra (60kB)
ERIKS - rx ostra
  • Specifically suited as radiator hose, resistance to common anti-freeze compounds.
  • Hose for hot water transport up to max. 90 °C
-40 to +100 continuous

RX®-Fiberflex (93kB)
ERIKS - rx fiberflex
  • Pressure hose (D) for water up to max. 100 °C
  • Because of its vulcanised glass fibre outer wall this hose is flame resistant
  • Specially designed for use in high temperature conditions (max. 400 °C) and where an electrically insulated hose is required.
-35 to +120

RX®-Isofixx (74kB)
ERIKS - rx isofixx
  • Pressure hose for non-drinking water, dry compressed air up to max. 100 °C and very diluted acid and alkali solutions
  • Specially designed for applications where an electrically isolating hose is required
-35 to +100 (briefly up to 120)

RX®-Gamma Extra (67kB)
ERIKS - rx gamma extra Flat rollable fire hose
-20 to +70

RX®-Chrystal (63kB)
ERIKS - rx chrystal
  • Flat rollable water hose and industrial transport hose
  • Also for use as pump hose
-20 to +70

RX®-Breafixx (107kB)
ERIKS - rx breafixx
  • Extremely supple rubber air hose.
  • Silicone and fat-free.
  • Kink-free.
-40 to +100

RX®-Breafixx Green (62kB)
ERIKS - rx breafixx green
  • Supple rubber hose specially developed for compressed air.
  • Kink-free.
-30 to +60

33HB Diver’s Air (122kB)
ERIKS - rx 33HB divers air
  • Oxygen, helium, nitrogen, compressed air for diving.
  • Kink-free!
  • The hose complies with MIL-2815G section 3.12.2 off-gassing standard for compressed air for diving.
-40 to +49 continuous

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