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RX® Steam hoses

Water can occur in three different states, namely, solid, liquid or gaseous. The gaseous state called ‘steam’ can also be subdivided into three different forms, which are determined by the pressure and temperature.

These three forms are:

  • Wet saturated steam or ‘wet steam’
  • Dry saturated steam
  • Superheated steam or ‘dry steam’

RX®-Vulcafixx (78kB)
ERIKS - rx vulcafixx
  • For saturated steam at 210 °C up to a max. 18 bar working pressure
  • Hot water up to 120 °C

Up to 210 continuous
Electrically conductive
RX®-Steamfixx (61kB)
ERIKS - rx steamfixx Saturated steam up to 18 bar and
210 °C
Up to 210 continuous

RX®-Orca Black (59kB)
ERIKS - rx orca black
  • Hot water and steam hose for general industrial uses
  • Hot water up to 90 °C and unrestricted steam up to 164 °C and 6 bar.
-20 to +164
Electrically conductive
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