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ERIKS Lab hoses

RX® Labo Viton® (58kB)
ERIKS - rx labo viton
  • Un-pressurised laboratory hose for the transport of acids, aromatics, petrochemical liquids, etc.
  • Hardness 70° shore
-20 to +200
RX® Labo souplesse (58kB)
ERIKS - rx labo souplesse
  • Various laboratory purposes
  • Dirt and water resistant
-30 to +70 continuous
RX® Labo zero (58kB)
ERIKS - rx labo zero
  • Supple laboratory hose for vacuum applications
  • Dirt and water resistant
-30 to +70 continuous
RX® Acida para (76kB)
ERIKS - rx acida para
  • For un-pressurised transport of low concentration acids and alkalis
    Durable and supple
-40 to +60 continuous
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