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Contitech® Food, Pharmaceutical and cosmetics

Contitech® hoses are manufactured on a smooth spindle and therefore have a very regular internal and outside diameter. Characteristic of this method are the very fine tolerances and a greater adhesion between the various components of the hose. The interior wall is extruded and is smooth, regular and homogeneous. This guarantees its optimal flow characteristics. All hoses are reinforced with solid inlays inserted at a special angle. This guarantees a high degree of flexibility, rigidity and pressure resistance. The outside wall is durable, age resistant and has a high level of resistance to the media found in various areas of application.

Purpurschlange® (82kB)
ERIKS - purpurschlange
  • As transport hose for beer, wine and alcoholic drinks (up to 96%), drinking water (DVGW and KTW approved)
  • This hose, well known in the brewery world, guarantees a long life with reliability

  • FDA
  • ADI
  • 3 year warranty
RX® Collector RMO (80kB)
ERIKS - rx collector rmo
  • For filling and discharging milk tankers, the “RMO hose”
  • Extreme flexibility both during the summer and winter
  • Easy to clean because of smooth internal wall.

-40 to +70 continuous
can be steamed at 120 / 20 minutes
  • FDA
  • ADI
Lactopal® (114kB)
ERIKS - lactopal
  • For the transport of milk products, edible oils and fats, fruit juices, etc.
  • Not easily distorted and withstands being accidentally driven over by a vehicle

  • ADI
  • 2 year warranty
Lactopal-L Spiral (127kB)
ERIKS - lactopal-l spiral For the transport of milk products, edible oils and fats, fruit juices, etc.

  • ADI
Perlapal-S® (67kB)
ERIKS - perlapal-s
  • Steam and hot water hose
  • Cold water working pressure 20 bar
  • Bursting pressure 60 bar
  • Steam 164 °C working pressure 6 bar (open system)
  • Unsurpassed cleaning agent hose for the food industry, abattoirs, etc.

  • ADI
  • 2 year warranty
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