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RX® PTFE hoses

PTFE hoses have such a universal area of application that the world of hose applications would be hard to imagine today without them. PTFE is particularly characterised by excellent chemical and thermal properties. PTFE hoses can generally be used in temperatures from -60 ºC to +260 ºC. PTFE is resistant to just about all chemicals and solvents with the exception of liquid alkali metals (e.g. liquid sodium). PTFE is also not resistant to chlorofluorides at higher temperatures.


All the specified technical data in this documentation apply at room temperature (20 ºC). At increasing operating temperatures the mechanical properties of the PTFE will decrease and one must therefore take account of a suitable working pressure. Pulsing loads, fluctuating temperatures, high bending frequencies and extreme (continuous) vibrations will also reduce the maximum permissible working pressure. In these cases it is always advisable to contact ERIKS.

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