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Metal hoses

Flexible metal hoses are used in a variety of applications in all sectors of the industry, for the transport of fluids, gasses and granulates.

Metal hoses are almost indifferent for aging and the temperature range varies between -269°C and + 800°C.

Due to the specific construction the metallic hoses can be used where rubber- or plastic hoses do not fulfil the demands of the application anymore.

These specific demands are:

  • Extreme temperatures (high or low)
  • High pressure
  • High vacuum
  • Vibrations
  • Aggressive medium

The metallic hoses can be split up in two groups:

Convoluted metal hose

ERIKS - convoluted metal hose

Spiral wound metallic hose

ERIKS - Spiral wound metallic hose

Please contact our specialist for a bespoke metal hose solution.

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