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Composite hoses


    The wide range of composite hoses covers a variety of liquid transportation- from water to chemicals, vapour recovery and from mineral oils to acids. The strong, light weight construction and flexibility make the hoses easy to handle.


    Composite hoses are internally and externally supported by specific wires in stainless steel or galvanised steel, aluminium or polypropylene coated steel. The thermoplastic layers consist of polypropylene fabric, PTFE film, PVC coated polyester fabric and polypropylene coated polypropylene fabric. The covers are distinctively coloured for identification and are ozon and weather resistant.
    Please consult our specialist for your bespoke hose assembly solution.

    Standard working pressure:
    10,5 bar   (7 bar or 14 bar also available)
    BS 5842, American Coastguard and IMO ect.
    Temperature range:
    -20°C to 100°C (depending on the type)
    Safety factor:
    Working pressures based on safety factor 5:1
    ERIKS - Composite hoses 1
    ERIKS - Composite hoses 2
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