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ERIKS Sight or Gauge Glass


The ERIKS sight glass is a safe, hygienic and particularly impact resistant alternative to ‘glass’ sight glasses. The transparent section consists of FDA-approved thermoplastic tubing that is unique because it has a non-adhesive surface, does not fade and is practically unbreakable. This tubing also resists thermal shocks, is chemically inert and even CIP cleaning. All the connections in contact with the product are made of stainless steel 316 and are hygienically pressed on with a stainless steel pressure housing.


  • Available from DN 1” to DN 4”.
  • Lengths available to 6 metres, so also usable as gauge glass on tanks.
  • In principle all couplings can be assembled.
  • Also available with a protective grate for use with higher pressures and/or temperatures


To replace ‘glass’ sight glasses in the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industry where extra safety is required.

ERIKS - sight or gauge glass3ERIKS - sight or gauge glass4ERIKS - sight or gauge glass
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