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ERIKS substantially expands its activities in Germany


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27 April 2004



ERIKS group nv has reached an agreement in principle to acquire all shares (asset deal) of Steinebronn Industrietechnik in Stuttgart, Germany.

Steinebronn Industrietechnik is part of Fluitronics GmbH in Germany which again is part of Nimbus, an investment company in the Netherlands. The activities of Steinebronn Industrietechnik comprise the marketing, sale and partly the processing of products and services especially in the field of power transmissions. With its headquarters in Stuttgart, Steinebronn also has an operation in Saarbrücken.

With approx. 130 employees Steinebronn achieves annual sales of € 28.0 millions and delivers its products directly to industrial end-users (maintenance and OEM customers) mainly located in the German federal state Baden-Württemberg (in the southwest of Germany).

Sales by product group in the core activity power transmissions can be broken down as follows:

  • hydraulic hoses and couplings, and connecting and measuring technology components 40%
  • bearings and linear technology 25%
  • hydraulic components 20%
  • pneumatics 15%
The activities of Steinebronn fit close to those of the existing companies of the cluster ERIKS Germany. This acquisition fits in with ERIKS’ policy of expanding its market area by way of a rollout strategy.

With this acquisition ERIKS:

  • expands its activities geographical to the important industrial federal state Baden-Württemberg
  • is, with the operations of the Heusinger + Salmon Group (in and in the area of Hamburg, Hanover, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Mannheim) and Schötz Industrietechnik GmbH (in and in the area of Munich, Nuremberg and Regensburg) present in almost all of Germany
  • achieves a substantial strengthening of its core activity power transmissions
  • gets the opportunity to also offer the other products groups of its assortment in the area where Steinebronn is located.
Through this acquisition sales of the cluster ERIKS Germany will increase to well over € 90 millions and the number of employees to 425. It is expected that the due diligence will be finalized in the coming month and that the final contracts will be signed by the end of May. This acquisition will be fully financed from the company’s own resources.

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